Little Chix - Christmas Santa

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Brought to you from our Little Chix Childrens Range.

These trendy nail wraps are made of the finest vinyl film which is versatile and easy to use. Specifically designed to cover both finger and toe nails and once applied will not chip or smudge leaving you with a stunning and beautiful finish.

Each pack contains 24 various size wraps for fingers and toes.

These wraps are designed for children (6 to 13 year olds). With this in mind we do not laminate Little Chix nail wraps, we feel that as a health and safety precaution they should be applied without the use of heat. Heat is used to fix the adult versions as the laminate needs to be more pliable to fix to the nail. The laminated version will last for several weeks whereas the children's Little Chix wraps will only last for about 3 days but we think the children will want to change more frequently and also may not be able to wear them for school.


Fitting Instructions:

1. Push cuticles back and make sure your nails are free of polish and grease.

2. Buff the nail bed to prepare the surface.

3. Select the size nail you require.

4. Peel off the wrap from the sheet with tweezers.

5. Place the wrap onto your chosen nail and press down gently.

6. Pull excess part of wrap over end of nail, file in a downward motion and remove.

7. Press firmly down all over.



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