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The Comic Book Mix

Brought to you from our Designer Range.

CHIX transparent txt wraps. Self Adhesive NOT water transfers.
These wraps are designed to adhere to coloured varnished or Gel finished nails.

  • Select appropriate colour of image or text. (White to go over dark nails and black for paler pastel colours)... There are also Gold & Silver available...
  • Ensure nails are clean and grease free.
  • Peel off image or appropriate letter from backing sheet with tweezers (Please avoid touching sticky side if possible) and apply up to cuticle, but not on top of cuticle.
  • Wrap excess over the top of nail on to the finger and file downward to remove the excess.
  • Smooth down to remove any creases using a hair dryer to apply heat if necessary.
  • These will last several days but to extend the life apply a coating of clear varnish.
  • To remove, peel off decal and clean off remainder with nail varnish remover.

You will receive the exact selection of letters and symbols that you see below on 3 sheets.
The selection of letters is based on a scrabble selection so you will get more of the popular letters that will help you make up words and names.

You can use them to make up your favorite football team... Popular acronyms like YOLO & LOL
You could have fun on a night out by having 'luvto' on one hand and 'jogon' on the other.

There are lots of uses and fun to have with the new Chix txt wraps... Remember you can choose from black, white, gold or chrome letters... There are 84 letters and symbols in each pack.








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